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Derma-Life Skin Care Formula®

Derma-Life Skin Care Formula® is a very unique mixture of natural ingredients that soothes and softens the skin as a skin conditioner, yet will relieve pain and irritation in minutes and promotes healing of many skin issues. Derma-Life reduces scar tissue faster than any product that you have ever used or your money back.

Complexion Plus

Complexion Plus Facial and Body Scrub deep cleans your skin better than it has ever been cleaned, exfoliates and removes scar tissue with every use. This product has all natural ingredients and has a money back guarantee.

Revive Therapeutic Lotion

Revive Therapeutic Lotion is an advanced healing lotion like you have never used before. Revive is water based, totally absorbed into the tissue, starts healing and reducing pain levels and itching within minutes. Revive restores damaged tissue to near normal state. Use on damaged tissue from radiation therapy and thermal burns and sunburn.


Monotone is a dark tissue spot fading lotion. Use on age and sun spots to achieve normal pigmation. Monotone is not a bleach! Monotone normalizes the melon in the skin cells, this process dose takes time to get rid of the dark spots, from three to six months.

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